Speech, free or not?

The USA is one of the few countries in the world where Freedom of Speech is a part of the very structure of the country and is enshrined in its founding documents.

But as many have pointed out, the First Amendment is a stricture laid upon the GOVERNMENT. The government may not prohibit speech that it does not like, thinks is inimical , is abusive of the government. Government agents may not prevent any citizen from speaking or uttering in any fashion.

But that does not extend to private companies or individuals from doing so. For example a private company can forbid an employee from commenting on anything to do with the company to anyone inside or outside of the company itself – this does not deny or transgress the First Amendment. In someone’s home they can tell a visitor that they may not use foul language and to show them the door if they do not obey. Again the home owner is not bound by the First Amendment.

The Government cannot, also, compel our speech. I do not have to express an agreement with the government against my will.

So where do free and compelled speech by Government entities impinge the most?

State funded Colleges. Colleges like University of Colorado and Colorado State may not restrict free speech and may not compel speech. Yet around the USA there are colleges, funded by the State that attempt to enforce speech codes, attempt to strongarm people into using someone’s preferred “pronoun”. It is not the purview of the government to be regulating and enforcing speech.

Yet it still does.

More stupidity about climate change in the United Kingdom

A recent article in that bastion of intellectual analysis, The Sun newspaper in the UK published a lovely piece of drivel about how the Government MUST create “thousands of  plumbers” who will be need to install heat pumps to “fight rising energy bills”.

That headline manages to enclose acres of horse puckey – in 15 words the Sun manages to miss every important point about a) heat pumps b) fighting rising energy bills c) thousands of plumbers.

The link to the article is t the end of this post.

a) Heat pumps – are not actually effective in heating houses. They are loud and then run constantly. And they are very expensive to install and your hot water heating will need supplementation. They are NOT cheap to run.

b) there is no evidence, at all, that heat Pumps reduce the cost of heating. They use a lot of electricity and heat to low levels that require – in most cases -spot heating (also electricity driven) to warm sedentary locations to an acceptable level of comfort. It is the electricity price in the UK that is spiking right now – and which will not be going down – and it is electricity that powers heat pumps.

c) If “thousands of plumbers” are to be recruited what happens when the conversion slows down? what will these surplus of plumbers do then?

The article contains this stupid quote from some “researcher” named Amy Norman “we need government to call up a generation of climate heroes” . If that sounds familiar (and it should) the Heroic Worker is a PR construct of the USSR and Soviet Propaganda. Hero Projects were the standard of industrializing the Soviet Union. As a classic example – Chernobyl was a “Hero Project” when the Soviet Union built it, it became another “Hero Project” when it blew up.

That some “researcher” (as an aside what on earth does Amy Norman ‘research’? Old Soviet documents?) opines that the Uk should adopt Soviet tactics to push through a project that is going to crucify the working class with crippling expenses.


What can I do? First steps

Easy does it!

I have had conversations with other conservatives over the past few years about the need to get out of Google and off Twitter and Facebook. I have become, I think, fairly well known for my skepticism about Google and the rest.

When we have had these conversations there have been one or two common themes that come up. The first main objection is that Google has “free stuff” ranging from email, to Google Docs to Youtube. And that “I have used my google email for so long and for so many log ins…”.

Another theme is – “I am on FB just to keep in touch with or reachable by old friends.” or ” I like messenger” .

As regards Twitter most conservatives I speak to have not been on it much and despise it!

But the entanglements can be a real problem. So here is an idea or two to help get you started.

Listen up!!!! Most IMPORTANT

The first thing we each need to do is to lose the idea that “free stuff” is actually free. That “Free email” that Google has just gifted to you? Along with it you have given them the rights to scan the content of your emails.

Google as a company makes its money from selling access and insight to various demographics and user types. Now I am NOT saying that Google sells your personal data – I am not sure that it does. What it does sell is aggregated data and habits that marketers and others can use to target you with ads, suggestions, offers etc.

Google has become extremely wealthy doing this. And they have chosen to use their wealth and their expertise to control the way people think, the way they communicate and whether they will be allowed to talk about things that they wish to talk about. Google are authoritarian, they are not “liberal”. They fund many ideas and projects designed to make each person think in agreement with them.

Google actively censors people and organizations that it disagrees with. It searches out ways to justify banning someone or something but the decision to ban is taken before the justification.

Google has defunded people it does not like from making money getting subscriptions to videos on Youtube merely because it disagrees with the politics of the poster. It does so arbitrarily and on whim and only backtracking when the outcry is too much to ignore.

So how does one start to disentangle oneself from the Death Star of GoogleTwitterFacebook?

This is going to be a bit of a project. It begins with a first step

Step 1. Lose the idea that the internet is full of really great free stuff. It is not. If you are not paying for it and if you are not in control of what you pay for – then YOU are the product that is being sold.

Step 2 : Find an email service that is private and which you pay for.

There is one that I know and have experience with and which I endorse.

Hushmail – it has been around a long time. They actually offer a free service but – there are restrictions. I would recommend their paid service. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not fall back into the “free mindset” maybe test Hushmail for a couple of weeks to see if you can become familiar with it but swap to an account that YOU pay for.

Now, please note , this will require YOU to start paying attention to your email and how it is handled. You will be paying for it and you want it to work for you.

My other suggestion is to do it yourself. Register a domain name for your own usage. Find a web hosting site that is not part of amazon and set up your own email account. It is fairly simple to set up – but it involves you in paying to register a domain and to pay for web hosting. You can usually find deals on the initial domain registration and initial hosting package but be sure to crunch the numbers and be sure to have an idea what the regular price might be.

OK that’s my first first two steps. One involves you adopting a new mindset and the second is going to involve you in actually doing something and it will be both fiddly and frustrating but it will be, ultimately, freeing.

Once you have got yourself your own email and it is working then go to my next steps.

Newby six months into job demands raise

Airhead Of Congress – AOC

The Airhead Of Congress has decided that the job she wanted and ran for does not pay enough. She could, of course, quit and return to her former profession in the hospitality industry. Where, no doubt, she earned much more than she is getting in Washington DC.

Not one product , nothing produced – at all – six months into the job and already deciding she needs to vote for a raise for herself.

Socialism – it’s a disease AND an infestation.

Ruling the “conversation”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes is the latest flibbertigibbet to adorn the national political stage. She did something remarkable which was to oust a hardcore Democrat partisan in a primary election for a Congressional House Seat in the Bronx in New York.

It was a smart piece of work, excellently executed and it was nice to see a dagger to the heart of the entrenched Pelosi crowd.

Winning the general election was a walk in the park because, in the district, a porcupine who ran with a D after it’s name would win.

Like all newbies Ms Ocasio-Cortes is full of wanting to appear impressive. Nothing wrong with that, it’s what young people do.

But the conservative reaction to her has been, truthfully, ludicrous. While it seems a slam dunk to make fun of someone who has pulled some real howlers and who, on a regular basis says things which are, truthfully, hyperbole and vague hogwash, it is actually futile.

Wait a moment! What is wrong with making fun of someone who is all puffed up and idiotic at the same time? She’s a natural target – right?

Well yes, I guess that’s true. But one HUGE thing is being missed. Every time we blow up what she says we are making the conversation about her ideas. People will remember what was being talked about and it won’t be conservative things. It will leftist claptrap.

But surely people will see… ? Well, no they will not. Ocasio-Cortes with all her juvenile bluster and balderdash won her election. People voted for her because she was a “D”. Keep making her the focus of attention and the likelihood is that more people will turn out to vote for her.

The GOP are never going to be able to get her voted out of her district no matter how many memes they produce. The only thing that will get rid of her is a Dem hatchet person with good backing in the district.

For anyone who really wants to dispute my assertion I refer you to the 2016 Presidential Election. Whose talking points were being talked about and discussed, attacked and ridiculed?

DJT. And he won.

Gun control and the working class.

Plutocrat Michael Bloomberg, New York billionaire. funds gun control efforts across the USA. Ever wonder why?

It’s not because he is interested in socialism because – as the quote below shows – Karl Marx is not in favor of taking guns away from the working class.

“The whole proletariat must be armed at once with muskets, rifles, cannon and ammunition… Under no pretext should arms and ammunition be surrendered; any attempt to disarm the workers must be frustrated, by force if necessary.” Karl Marx

Bloomberg is protected by armed security and yet he sends millions of dollars to candidates he deems will support gun control measures.

The mistake here is to think that “gun control” is a progressive virtue. It is not. It is a repressive action designed to hold the working class in check. Gun control is the means by which the Plutocracy hope to impose an armed police force upon an unarmed working class.

“Yet now of all times, at the present revolutionary moment, it is most urgent and essential that there be a universal arming of the people. To assert that, while we have a revolutionary army, there is no need to arm the proletariat, or that there would “not be enough” arms to go round, is mere deception and trickery. The thing is to begin organizing a universal militia straight away, so that everyone should learn the use of arms even if there is “not enough” to go round, for it is not at all necessary that the people have enough weapons to arm everybody. The people must learn, one and all, how to use arms, they must belong, one and all, to the militia which is to replace the police and the standing army.” VI Lenin

Both Marx and Lenin viewed the formation of armed police and a standing army separate from the people as being a repressive step to impose control over them.

And yet, here we are, watching the new socialist “left” attempting to impose precisely that situation upon the working class. Paid for by billionaires.

Does anyone seriously think that white privileged “intellectuals” banding together to disarm black and white members of the proletariat alike and, at the same time defending the right of Plutocrats and their affluent white toadies to armed protection from the forces that they control are actually “socialists”?


The chimera that is the Labor Theory of Value

The Labor/Marxist theory of value only holds up in one on one bartering – where I ask you to make something for me and you price it out to include your labor. It still only holds up if – you are the sole supplier of the item or service I wish to buy – and I have the means to pay for it. As soon as there is more supply or choice then value becomes determined by “the market” (The Wealth of Nations).

The L/MTV is based upon the feudal idea of an intrinsic fair price which is what Guilds pushed to avoid the creation of a market that would reduce prices. Which is only feasible in a closed system with no external inputs or supply. If you live in a village in a forest and everything is “two weeks distant” and there is one person who is skilled enough to make good shoes or boots – then you could determine a theoretical “intrinsic fair price”. Guilds EXCLUDED practitioners and used the power of the local law to deny people outside the Guild the right to do the work. But the minute someone else starts making shoes and boots and does it cheaper and with quality enough to attract business at that price – suddenly LTV wanders away.


National GOP on the horns of a dilemma

The current swirling tide of sewage emanating from the extreme leftist media here in the USA is doing a fine job of stirring up its own base. And creating the faux image of a dilemma.

The base are those who loyally marched to vote for Hillary. The audience that cheered when Colbert announced that Comey had been fired – not realizing that they were not supposed to cheer. Comey was no longer a “bad guy” but a “good person” and the audience had not been clued in on the change in the approved view.

Colbert had to let them know that they had got it wrong. Winston Smith would have been so proud. The audience pivoted and did the approved thing and started to boo.

So the leftist mob has been primed and pumped.

There are occasional reports gurgling out of the House and the Senate that seem to indicate that some of the GOP are worried that this sewage might strike a chord with voters and, horror of horrors, they might not get re-elected.

The House GOP – with very few exceptions – is not a hotbed of courage and conservatism. But now they are going to have to be – they are not being left with much of a choice.

speaker ryan
Speaker of the House

The Speaker of the House is going to need to rally his wobbly troops and actually pass legislation that forwards Trump’s agenda. The main planks of getting tough on immigration, building the wall, tax reform and healthcare reform should be pushed through as soon as possible.

Here is why it is in their interest to actually do this.

If their fears are correct –  if the slime that is being tossed around does have an effect – then there is certainly a possibility that there might be a surge in voting for some Democrats.

But the Main stream media – the ones slinging the slime and the sewage – have already utterly failed in their bid to win the last general for Clinton. Despite months and months of unrelenting effort, rumor, grind, lies. They lost. The House GOP should have an evening of popcorn and soft drinks and watch the youtube videos of the leftist meltdown on the news channels on election day. (and if you have not looked in on them in a while – maybe you should too).

The lesson the wobblers need to re-learn is that it was NOT the media that elected anyone.

What won the election for the GOP  and President Trump were the millions of voters who have utter disdain for the media and the leftist herd. They (including me) pay no attention at all to what CNN, NYT, MSNBC, NBC, ABC  and the rest of the idiocracy keep churning out.  Those “sources” long ago lost any journalistic credibility that they may have had left.

If the members of the House think they can hedge their bets by appeasing the leftist scream machine – they are sadly mistaken. The Dems are not going to vote for them no matter how much they grovel. The only votes the House GOP can earn are the votes of the Trump supporters.

If the House GOP does what it said it supported then the chances are good that we will turn up again. If they do not there is a good chance many will not.

The House and the Senate need to grasp – at long last – that if they wish to stay in their offices in DC they are going to actually have to do something.

To get off the horns of this dilemma they need only do what they said they wanted to do.

But in a total change of pace for a lot of them – they are actually going to have to do it.