And in further news – Cold Kills

And a study published in the Lancet – the British medical journal of record shows that more people die from cold related causes than from heat related.

So does that mean that those opposing Global warming are hoping to kill more people?

So far an increase in global temperature – about a degree celsius in a century, an increase in CO 2 has given us – less deaths, record crops and a longer growing season.

And yet the rich and the brainless continue to congregate in remote places by private jet and mega yacht to discuss how bad it all is and how poor people need to restrict their CO2 foot print.

Shot of article from the Lancet

One thought on “And in further news – Cold Kills

  1. Whatever the “left” pushes seems to be something that will harm people. Of course it won’t harm THEM because they are wealthy and have no moral compass or empathy. No “compassion” although it’s their favorite word du jour. No, they want “the little people” iow anyone but themselves, regardless of circumstances, to toe the line of their all-knowing ideology. Bad bad people cloaking themselves in pretense.

    The people who actually HAVE common sense see through this. We have to fight it every generation. Because freedom is the ultimate prize.

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