Enough of being collegial

Well OK [name removed] – let’s be honest. the first campaign that the Dems and Libs ALWAYS wage is that the current GOP POTUS is “stoopid”. It was the campaign waged against Reagan (Ronnie Raygun and the rest of it) GWB and now Trump. That simple fact alone should give us all pause.

I do not know Trump at all. From my cultural upbringing as a Brit he is almost the epitome of every caricature we get exposed to about crass Americans. And believe me that exposure is continuous.

Would Trump have survived against the Dems that Reagan had to deal with? I cannot answer that question – would Reagan have been able to survive the onslaught of sewage that Trump is enduring? Both questions are unanswerable.

I have become, over the past few months, totally disillusioned with Bill Kristol and the Weekly Standard because of their relentless use of meme writing to attack Trump.

As I have said before – when the primary campaign started I was a Scott Walker person. Nancy and I have supported Scott in our small ways for a long time. To my mind he is one of the finest examples of Conservative political executives that we have had in a very long time. I was saddened when he pulled out of the contest so early though I came to appreciate that it was a very smart decision on his part. Ted Cruz was, for me , the next best . In terms of Conservative legislative thought, action and sheer energy, he is a leading light but I did have some reservations about his experience as an Executive.

Even now I am not always, or even often, comfortable with President Trump’s style. I find his live speeches very hard to listen to for example. But I have never assumed that he does or says what he does because of “stupidity”. I find it an endlessly fascinating piece of people watching to see how Trump brings cognitive dissonance to so many people. He is fairly successful as a business man, surviving and flourishing in a cut throat and competitive environment. He ran a two year political campaign that defeated BOTH political establishments – with ease. And he did those campaigns cheaper than his opponents. Yet somehow, just like Reagan, he is portrayed and spoken of as “stupid”? Doesn’t this make you stop and wonder for a minute?

How did someone so crass and so dumb blindside almost everyone? You say that he would not have survived against the “quality of democrat Reagan had to deal with” . Using an unfalsifiable “test” is a rhetorical device and a fallacy as I am sure you are aware. In my opinion – and really this is JUST an opinion, I do not know if any of the other Republican candidates could have won this recent general election even against such a flawed candidate as Hillary, He did it. How does your comment about “Forrest Trump” deal with that outcome? Some fictional character fails upward and that is the explanation for a real life victory by a real ife person? Oh, come on.

I never expected that kicking over the applecart and trying to drain the swamp was going to be an orderly, friendly and warmly collegial affair. I am sick to death of the warm collegiality of a corrupt DC establishment. I am sick to death of electing GOP Majorities and seeing those smug gits fail their way to glory and let down the very people who voted for them.

I am sick to death of watching “conservatives” cut and run because the battle gets hot and people say nasty things about us.

I am sick to death of watching conservatives take the histrionics and theater of the left seriously.

If it takes someone who can out-insult them, outlast them and out maneuver them to get this job started – so be it. I will put up with his taste for diet coke rather than wine, his extra scoop of ice cream, his occasional OTT twitter performance. I would rather have that than the platitudes and mealy mouthedness of what was on offer from a lot of the candidates (Jeb Bush being my favorite target for this).

What I see is opportunity to achieve some serious conservative goals – not everything maybe, but some progress at long last. And yet I see some Conservatives mired deep in the morass of trying to make this all fit within some gentlemanly non threatening and polite framework that only exists in the Pollyanna Conservative Mindset.

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