Message to fundraisers

I am annoyed and disappointed with the fund raising currently going on. I am not annoyed that funds are being raised, I am annoyed at the endless bombardment of drivel flowing like torrent though my email in box.

I am annoyed to be getting requests for my “opinions” that turn into a) a form to put me on a mailing list for even more emails or b) a request for money. If you are not interested in my views and opinions then I am not interested in sending you money.

For sure this is probably going to sound surprising, I guess. I donated to a couple of campaigns in the last general election including Ted Cruz and DJT. And though my donos are on the miniscule side I believe in supporting candidates with more than just an attaboy on Facebook. I will be donating to the DJT campaign during this election season and possibly to a couple of the senate campaigns – maybe.

But here’s the thing. If you wish to get me interested in your campaign there are some steps that you need to take:

1) Tell me what are the things we are going to get done.

2) Tell me why they matter and don’t use memes and waffle.

3) Lay out what your overall philosophy is and how I can expect you to react to the world and to things that happen in this country.

Here are some things you need to avoid

  1. I delete, automatically, any fund raising email I get that starts off by telling me what the Democrats or Liberals or your “opponents” are doing.
  2. I delete, straightaway, any email that comes from an email address that cannot be replied to.
  3. I delete, swiftly, any email that contains a survey.
  4. I do not donate to SuperPacs or anything other than the actual campaign. If your email does not include those specific assurances. Again – it gets deleted.

Seriously GOP – you need to establish a messaging infrastructure that answers peoples questions, can do more than just shout loudly for money and can actually deal with adults.