Pardon my confusion

the USA Women’s National Team won their semi-final game against England today and are through to the final.

Congratulations to them – I must admit to not really being that interested in the game but I can appreciate a good performance when I hear about it.

But it made me think.

What is going to happen with this competition? Will transgenders start appearing in the teams?

There are some points here that may not be obvious to an American audience not really familiar with the sport of football (soccer in the USA) . People unfamiliar with the game of soccer and, in particular professional soccer have the impression that there should be an easy transition from a woman playing in a woman’s league to a team playing in a men’s league.

It is not true. Physically the game on the men’s side is faster and a lot more physical. This would be natural as there have been men’s professional leagues for well over a century and the game has been constantly refined. But if you do not watch soccer and follow the professional sport then watching the Women’s game may give you the impression that the levels are comparable.

Just to be clear here – I am not casting aspersions at the quality of the footie played by the women’s teams. They are in many cases, good, the international games are becoming more and more competitive . But if you compare the two you will see what I am referring to.

I know of only one episode of a professional women’s soccer player playing on a semi pro team . This was, to be fair, a few years ago and it was not viable.

I am not sure if further trials have been done, I doubt it.

So now – what happens if transgender female players come onto the scene?

That one simple thing has transformed some areas of Women’s athletics in the USA.

What is going to happen?