Power of “Purse” and “Sword”

There are two basic powers in government. The Power of the Purse is one and The Power of the Sword is the other.

One of the big points that the Founding Fathers wrestled with was keeping the Power of the Purse and the Power of the Sword separated in the powers of the government.

Realize that the Founders came from a British tradition and with the Parliamentarian fear of absolute Monarchies. Where the ruler had the absolute right to levy taxes and the absolute power to enforce their collection. A Civil war had been fought and won to separate those two powers.

The Power of the Sword lay with the armed people of the country who were the basis for the militia and who controlled – on a local basis – what laws would and would not be enforced. Please think about that for a moment. No matter who a central authority appoints someone to enforce rules, diktats laws regulations – they cannot do so if the Power of the sword is in the hands of the locals.

When President Trump and the GOP won the elections of 2016 they assumed that the Power of the Purse was enough.

They have now found that they needed to take the Power of the Sword out of the hands of the Deep State like the DoJ and the FBI, the NSA, THE EPA etc.

Sessions needs to remove the people in the DoJ who are not using the Power of the Sword to forward the policies of the President and who are, instead, using that Power to oppose implementation of those policies. They need to be, if not fired = transferred to meaningless jobs without Security Clearances. And the staff need to be instructed to get their jobs done.

The Federal Judiciary needs to be addressed. And the Executive branch needs to act like it has the powers given to it from the Constitution. Like, for example, President Trump wrote an executive order that was totally within his purview and yet it was setaside by a lower federal judge.

Why did the executive branch pay attention to something that was interfering with their legitimate actions? Why was it not just ignored?

Think for a minute. The three branches are co-equal. Trump wrote something that was within the delineated powers of the Presidency. It was not up the Federal Courts to decide whether it was something they liked. Period.

That also means that when the House passes a resolution on how Federal money is to be spent – that is SOLELY their power. Not the Judicial Branch.

Stop being afraid of enforcing the Constitution.