The USA Left’s hatred of the working class

I have to admit that I am puzzled.

The economy of the USA is doing great, more people , from ALL demographics, have jobs than ever before. Industries that have been written off or have been moribund have come back to life. The USA has become a force in world economics – a force for change and for good over the last two years with the administrations work on developing better trade agreements for the country.

But it would seem – if you believe the river of bile that comes from the Democrat “presidential” candidates that the USA and we the people in it are suffering mightily. That there are huge injustices that must be addressed and that the recent prosperity must be taken away from the people and returned to the government so it can be about the work of spending our money on much more important things.

That we the people are, for the most part, doing better than we were does not seem to be something that this current crop of “spend more and more” proponents are happy about. It would seem that the idea of lower unemployment, more discretionary income in the hands of the people is not what they want. In fact they appear to want exactly the opposite. And they say so, loudly.

It is doubly ironic that the Airhead Of Congress, Ms Ocasio-Cortez who was complaining a few weeks ago how she and other Millennials have never experienced prosperity in America – now seem to wish to destroy the prosperity that we now have!!! Ms Ocasio- Cortez has a job that pays more than she has ever earned in her young life – $176,000 a year. A salary that the vast majority of her fellow millennials would LOVE to be earning. Not content with things as they stand she has been making noise about getting a pay raise for this job that she has not been doing for a year yet. IN addition to doing better than she ever has, she wants more. For herself. But at the same time she espouses policy initiatives to take the gains away from the majority of the rest of us.

Make no mistake about it – leftists are not happy that people are doing well. Not happy at all. And they are saying so.

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