The USPS and Royal Mail – a tale and trail of woe

This going to seem totally bizarre.

On June 12th this year I had to send a document, a three page document, to the UK. It was not an urgent document – but it needed to get there and we wanted to be able to track it. Follow with me while we trace our document’s travels..

The document is in the envelope in the Post Office June 12th 10:35am

Having paid our $35 to send this document by, ahem, Express, and to have it tracked our wee baby went on its way…

How cute! It took 5 days to get to Chicago where it arrived three times and decided to take a two day stay in Chicago (and why not?)

You will note that ouor widdle document arrived in Chicago on the 17th. It would seem that it spent couple of days going off the reservation – presumably taking in the sights – maybe a game at Wrigley Field? It was certainly getting its money’s worht out of its stay.

Tiring of the high life it leaves Chicago…
And arrives in Heathrow, England!! Where it decides, apparently, to set up residence for 13 days.

Now this is just plain weird. Thirteen days in Heathrow? I have spent thirteen hours in Heathrow one time and that was enough for me. Maybe the document was quarantined? Who knows > Well not I of course because all the update kept telling us was that it was “enroute to its next destination” until finally after nearly a fortnight of weallowing in the excesses of a premier airport – it was allowed to leave.

And here it is – now taking in the sights of Coventry. No sign of it making it to it’s destination yet though.

Seriously the voyages of “Document” are the stuff of legend. It looks like it was picked up for delivery by VanderVecken on his ship The Flying Dutchman.

But wait!! By June 28th we realized we were running out of time and we really need to get that document to where it needed to be. So we created a new one, got it witnessed and sent it Global Express Guaranteed delivery date. And paid $85 for the privilege.

It arrived a day late so they had to refund the cost. So we are only out the original $35 which has provided some entertainment…

Update Update Update!! In fairness – it is now reported as delivered. See below – 23 days for an “Express” document.

If you have ever wondered why these esteemed institutions lose money…

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