Time to bring those who ignore laws and the constitution, to justice

It is time to assign both responsibility and (given today’s litigious atmosphere) liability to various cities, states and corporations.

1) If you own a business that transacts in public and you post a “No firearms permitted” sign on your premises you are responsible for the safety of all people who come there to do business. If you fail to provide armed security and monitored access to prevent weapons being carried in you are liable for all injuries and damages incurred by any customer who is attacked in your premises while being prevented from defending themselves.

2) If you own a restaurant or other public dining establishment and fail to protect your customers from harassment by non customers and if you do not immediately order the intruders to leave and call the police you will be in violation of the health code and your place of business will be shut down until your health violation is remedied and you will be fined by the day until it is addressed.

3) If you sign an executive order, memo or other document stating that you are declaring your area of responsibility a “sanctuary” you are, personally, criminally liable for each and every harmful act committed by people covered by your edict.

It is time to make it painful for elected representatives and business owners who prefer to endanger people rather than just do their jobs. It is time to make them accountable.