Conversations with Liberals – a tip or two

I responded to a comment in a thread where someone posting about how a relative of theirs was always coming out with liberal claptrap like “ we need to get rid of the electoral college”. The person who wrote the comment did not want to get into an argument with a relative and was just venting.
But this is a real problem for a lot of us. Here is a test – how can you tell if someone is a Vegan? The answer? Don’t worry they will tell you. Repeatedly. Liberals always feel obliged to bring forth their talking points.
How do you deal with it? The answer is simple and, yes, effective.
Do not argue.
In response to the lame liberal point, make a conservative point of your own. It need not have ANY relationship to what the person said. Believe me.
Every Conservative need to have a good list of conservative wishes or ideas. The more radical the better. When a lefty advances a kook position just nod and then respond with one of your own.
Example Twit: “I think the electoral college should be abolished”
You: “Ah. I think the Department of education needs to be eradicated and the budget savings diverted to border control”
You: “ Ah. I think there must be a balanced budget amendment as our highest priority”
You: “We need to get Chevron overturned and take the power away from Government agencies”
You: “We need laws that make people who declare a place a gun free zone responsible for any shooting that happens there”.
It sounds kind of ridiculous and funny but it is not. We need to fill up the conversation with conservative talking points. Not arguing about leftist talking points.