The Tea Party

I am a “member” of the Tea Party. Unlike most leftist top down organizations – we all know that what defines Tea Party members is not a card or a meeting but a state of mind. I am a conservative which is why this website exists.

More importantly I am, I hope, a learning conservative. I do not believe that the best days of conservatism are in the past and I do not believe that the best ideas have all been discovered or articulated as yet.

I believe that part of our “job” is to enable conservatism to develop and to ensure a future for our families and our country. Part of that lies in our restraining government wherever possible. Legislation needs to be slowed down, the federal government needs to be forced to devolve power back to the states we have to revive the idea that proposals need to be public and need to be based in principles.

We are now, as I write this, in a time of great agitation. The Trump Administration is probably going to be an agent of sudden change in the next 4 years.  there are going to be things that appeal to us, things we wish to see handled right now. But much as the feelgood factor would be high it is very risky.

The rollback of the Obama era EO’s and departmental regulations that were rushed out from Mr “I have my phone and my pen” are best eradicated as soon as possible, that will help give the populist supporters a boost and will cut back government something that we know, philosophically, is a good thing to have happen but hard to explain simply to people who are not that interested.

The cutting of the EPA Energy and Education Departments is another area which is something which coincides with the principles of small government conservatism.

There are other things that need more looking at – Health Care for example.  The repeal is imperative but we need there to be frank and open discussion about what and why and how.