Whither now for Colorado?

Well t’was a mixed bag in the mid-terms for the GOP in general around the country. Losing the majority in the House while increasing the majority in the Senate.

In my home State of Colorado it was pretty much a wipe out for the GOP – both statewide and within my home county. We have a straight Democrat House, Senate and Governor which means we will have to sit and endure while the cretins of the left bring Colorado to its knees.

For Colorado, IMNSHO, the problem rests with the State GOP which is a busted flush of an organization and which LONG AGO lost the support of conservative voters.  The State Party seems to have fossilized into some sort of “gentleman’s club” mindset that “if only we were more like Democrats…”. Walker Stapleton was the preferred candidate of this hidebound little grouping. I did not meet ONE conservative voter who supported his candidacy, nor did I meet any GOP voter who thought he could win anything.

Stapleton’s campaign never appeared out where I live – which is rural and solid Republican. NEVER APPEARED!!  I would have thought that in combating a campaign that had oodles of personal cash it would have behooved the State GOP to have worked on maximizing the turn out of the areas where it was assured of support? Apparently I am dreamer…

The entirety of the campaign seem to consist of robo-calls and suggestions that people sign petitions.

The one thing that could have energized the base? Having Donald Trump do an event here – never seemed to occur to anyone except conservatives.  But “energizing the base” does not seem to be a priority for the CO GOP.

Whither now?

Well first of all we need to acknowledge some unpalatable truths.

The Party of and for the Rich is the Democrat Party. They poured in millions of dollars (in addition to the personal millions from rich guy Polis) billionaires like Steyer, Soros and Bloomberg made sure that state wide campaigns and initiatives had a lot of monetary support.

That one simple statement carries within it the idea that to have any hope of winning the GOP needs to change its mindset from the expensive and unproductive “consultant driven drivel” and start spending its money on activism and organization. Lose the “Robo Calls”, hire real organizers who can motivate and run local activism throughout the state.

Consultants have uniformly failed the GOP. Harsh but true. I would like to see who was paid what from the Stapleton Campaign and, more interesting, WHY?  Can anyone name ANY consultant who has helped the GOP in Colorado?  I am sure that they did help themselves of course. But I think that it is time to take a look at actual performance and realize that it is time to dump the losers and actually start hiring activists.

The State GOP needs to come to the realization that the GOP strength is not in Denver or Boulder Counties. Now one would think that this little gem would be a no brainer. But it is not. The GOP consistently, for example, holds its State Convention in places like Boulder!!!  the Convention is for delegates from all the counties of Colorado and yet, for some reason, the state GOP organization thinks that spending its hard won cash in a County which is so lefty that people outside of the Denver Boulder conurbation refer to it as “The People’s Republic”, is a great idea.  Why not hold it where it would benefit a county that actually votes Republican?

If the State GOP will not change and adapt it is probably past due that we set up an alternative, conservative organization that will support actually winning the elections, getting conservative ideas being actively carried out in the Counties and in the State.