Democrat Party Presidential Candidates rectally insert heads in unison.

The Group Think Herd collectively known as the Democrat Party Presidential Candidates have shown that they would much rather throw themselves under a dung cart rather than admit that President Trump just gave a master class in how to negotiate.

The inundation of our southern border by waves of illegal immigrants has been stretching our Border Patrol Enforcement to the limit over the last months with various paerties reportedly supply money to groups to “sponsor” them to march to the USA. President Trump has been trying to get a handle on the issue while the Democrat Controlled Congress does nothing except to run investigations of the President and complain loudly about how badly the illegal immigrants/shady ‘refugees’ are treated.

The President declared a national emergency to get the barrier built on the border only to have low level federal judges busily trying to stop this from being done and supporting motions to block it.

Finally President Trump informed Mexico that tariffs were going to be applied on its exports to the USA. Sizeable tariffs.

One day ago the Mexican Army arrived on Mexico’s southern border to prevent migrant caravans from transiting Mexico to the USA. Mexico is also going to receive refugees awaiting decisions on their status – back in Mexico.

A stunning move from DJT – it did not cost the US Tax payer a single dime. It put the onus on our ostensible trading partner and ally, Mexico, to start doing its job properly.

And the Democrats? Their Group-Think Herd? Uniformly complained about what the President had done.

Bear in mind that most people in the USA think illegal immigration is a major problem. But it seems self-evident that what the American people want is of absolutely no interest to the Democrat Party Presidential Candidates. Instead of praising a leader who has taken smart action they, all of them, tucked their pointy heads up their own backsides.