Demographics and the future

Mark Steyn has been the Cassandra of Demographics. He has, on many occasions laid out the bleak and terrible future that lies ahead thanks to the trends laid out by Demographics. His commentaries and articles continue to be overlooked and ignored for the most part. He is hated by the left because he predicts disaster and has done for a decade or more . And, given the last three or four years of evidence – he has been proven right.

Cassandra was a prophetess of Troy in Greek Mythology – given the gift to accurately predict the future but cursed with the fate that no-one would believe her.

Mark has pointed out that the trends of demographics are not speculation but arriving fact. The children in grade schools now are going to be the workforce in 15 and 20 years time. This is not something conjured out of thin air – it is just numbers. In a recent post on his website:

He mentions, as an example, that the most popular boy’s name in England is now Mohammed (various spellings).  Think about that for a second.

In that same article he also says;

“But if you have those European differential rates of birth, things change very quickly. The 90 percent post Christian Euro secularists who have 1.3 children per couple and the 10 percent Muslims who have 3.5 children per couple, which is estimated to be the European Muslim average. The 90 percent and the 10 percent will have the same number of grandchildren. That’s to say the 90 grandparents will have 38 grandchildren and the 10 Muslim grandparents will have 32 children. In two generations. It happens very fast.”

If you did not grasp the implication of the math in the quote – read it again. The youngest generation currently entering the population will be just under 50% of that demographic.  In France in 20 years from now – nearly half the young working population will be from the Muslim demographic.

There are many ramifications from this and no-one, except for Mark Steyn and a few other bloggers, is even addressing the issues.

“The avalanche has already started – it is too late for the pebbles to vote” (From Babylon 5)