The anti-science eco left

I was watching some BBC 2 program the other night – it was the usual warm, nature program that the BBC likes to produce showing what a natural country the UK is and how exciting it all can be. They even had a sign language interpreter! (obviously assuming that deaf/hard of hearing cannot actually read subtitles?) – But I digress.

There was a section about some migratory swans – they apparently arrive in late October and fly over 2 thousand miles to get to the UK. So far so good.

Where they land in the UK is some protected wetland place (I wasn’t following too closely as you can tell) where they are, in the words of the commentator, made comfortable. The wetlands staff even provide a nightly feeding for the peripatetic swans!! Almost an avian airBNB arrangement!

And I was suddenly struck by something which kind of boggles my mind. Why are these conservationists afraid of evolution? The environment challenges and forces organisms to adapt and by that adaptation to evolve into something better suited to survive. It isn’t personal, it’s just business (gratuitous Godfather h/t). Those that do not adapt, die out. The fossil record is replete with bygone species.

But now there is this rush – for example in the State of Lunacy (aka California) where some small fish or other must be made comfortable by diverting water from human endeavors instead of being challenged by its environment to either adapt, evolve and thrive, or join the other fossils.

Let us for the moment assume that the future climate of this earth will be different to what it is right now. I am avoiding the whole AGW thing for the moment so let’s not veer over to that. We – all sides – can agree that change is a given. The climate is always in the process of going somewhere. Right? Right!

Species that have protected little niches are not adapting. By definition the conservationists are attempting to hold them in place – clearly an impossibility if we think evolution is a fact of life. What will happen to them as time goes on? They will become even MORE out of step, even less evolved (kind of like liberals) and even MORE likely to die out.

But the constant cry is “preservation”!! Why do these Canutes of the environmental lobby get any sort of credence here? they are, definitively anti-science.

Is there something I am missing here?

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