What Trump may see that others do not.

I have noticed something in recent times that I guess I have actually noticed many times before and just written off as ignorance or a subtle expression of bigotry.

How does this manifest itself? Well let’s take the first arguments I ever saw against concealed carry. “Imagine those idiots out there with a gun, being a cowboy trying to be a hero and shooting innocent bystanders”. The first time I saw that – and it was years ago I was struck by the unspoken hatred for ordinary Americans. It was apparent that the person writing it assumed that “ordinary” Americans were incapable of actually evaluating a dangerous situation and responding appropriately. That there was this vast pool of yahoos that actually defines an ordinary American (but never the writer of course!) These people should be prevented – by their own government – from owning a firearm, because god knows what they might do with it.

But where are the articles and lawsuits arising from all these crazy cowboys unleashing hell on innocent bystanders? Let’s follow that up with the oft expressed message from the President that the most important thing to prevent in the current atmosphere is those self same “ordinary americans” from attacking Muslims, from committing offences of some kind against innocent people not involved in any form of sectarian violence. After the shootings in San Bernadino this was the FIRST priority of the Administration. Not immediate and thorough follow up on the attack itself, the trail of evidence, the investigation of the connections and so on. Oh no, it took days before the Administration could even bring itself to admit that this had been a terrorist attack. An unprovoked slaughter of people who had known and supported the couple in question but the Administration (and others) felt it of the first importance to warn their own citizens that they were not to do anything inappropriate and this before they even investigated what had actually happened.

There have been reports over the years of people in places like colleges faking “hate crimes” – painting swastikas in public places, other examples were a lesbian couple faking a hate campaign against them by .. who? Those unnamed but obviously dangerously bigoted and threatening “ordinary americans”. At the first reports of these outrageous reports the first reaction of local leaders and Administrations was to decry the nameless “racists” and to demand that everyone rally around in support and join in protests against this unseen enemy. I have yet to see the follow ups on these reports – did the people who perpetuated these faux outrages ever get prosecuted for hate crimes? Were they expelled from Colleges?

It is apparent that there exists a class of people who actually do not see working Americans as real, honorable, trustworthy responsible citizens. But rather as nameless dimwits who are ready to wave a gun at anyone who crosses their path, that somehow want to subjugate other “races” and will do unspeakable things if they are not held in check by an authoritarian government.

Yet these are, for the most part, the class whose sons and daughters join the military who, at 19 years old are entrusted to patrol in the dustbowls of foreign countries, to carry powerful weapons and despite being attacked by IEDs, ambushes, infiltrators actually manage to restrain their fists and weapons.

Young men and women forced to make life and death decisions in split seconds knowing that wrong decision or a decision made in desperation or anger can put them in danger of arrest and trial.

These are the young men and women who are the families of that segment of America which is routinely accused of racism, intolerance stupidity and greed. The idea that these families and people have exhibited true nobility in the face of inexplicable crimes, and not responded with some form of mass violence seems to escape the pundits who continue to try and pin shame and calumny on the people in this country who LEAST deserve it.

And finally a good percentage of them think that they have found someone – anyone – who is willing to articulate the way that they feel about it. And that person is Trump. Trump is no conservative I guess he is not really a lefty either. But he speaks of things that are pissing off a lot of “ordinary americans”. Is it any wonder they are responding?

President Obama when he was merely candidate Obama expressed his distaste for “bitter people that cling to guns and religion” while at the same time running for a job to actually represent them… Republican Bloomberg has expressed his distaste for Americans owning guns – while happily paying for armed guards.

I read a great article today on Red State written by a woman and entitled “Things you hear while standing in a gun line” which probably resonates with the pissed off silent middle of America and I can personally vouch for the veracity of the comments reported in the article because I have been in a similar line or two in the past weeks and heard substantially the same sentiment.

Personally speaking I find it truly amazing that people seek to insult denigrate and belittle “ordinary americans” and then get surprised when those self same people feel attacked and who go out and arm themselves. It is a curious thing – I know a lot of people who own both handguns and long guns and here is a sobering thought – 90% of them actually know how to use them. (I am sure that this is not the usual percentage, I live in rural Colorado) I would not go out of my way to make those people feel they were in danger.

Trump (who is not my favored candidate) is doing something that politicians from all sides have been failing to do. he is talking about and articulating the uncertainties and aggravations that a lot of people feel.

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