Israel was right to reject Feckless Kerry

Israel is right to reject the feckless John Kerry and ignorant President Obama and their ludicrous demands for a cease fire and here is why.

Who is going to guarantee Israel’s security? Who is going to guarantee the survival of the Jewish people?


This is not a “biblical” question and not a religious one either. At least it is not for ME. I know that many people believe that “God” gave the land to the Israelites and that they were forced from their homeland against their will and dispersed around the world and therefore they have the prior claim to the land.


I do not cleave to that view. History is replete with people moving out others and moving in and then being moved out in their turn. We lack time machines to undo it all, we have to deal with what IS, not what we wish it to be,


The International Community as represented by the United Nations decided in 1948 that the Palestine Mandate should be divided between the Jewish part and the Arab part. It was voted on and passed. The Jewish part declared itself a nation and the modern iteration of Israel was born.

That there was a desperate need for somewhere to handle the hundreds of thousands of Displaced Persons who were Jewish, at the end of World War II was obvious to most people. Trying to force people to return home to regions and countries that had forcibly deported them to be exterminated was not an idea that seemed like a good one. The desire for a homeland, and practical circumstance made Israel both a necessity and a virtue.


When Israel declared its Independence – within hours bombers from the surrounding Arab Nations were enroute to bomb Tel Aviv. Troops from Arab countries moved to invade. A desperate war ensued. The infant Jewish State eventually survived. It did not survive because of intervention from the “Great powers” it did not survive because of the United Nations. It survived simply because the people of Israel refused to give in and refused to give up. There were many people, Jew and Gentile who responded to the call to defend the Holy Land – it is an emotive issue.


There have been a LOT of wars, skirmishes, invasions, terrorist attacks since that first one. Israel has been kept in existence ONLY because of the refusal of Israelis to give in. For those who think that it has been solely US support that has kept Israel from being overwhelmed – bear in mind that in the 1950’s the USA did not support Israel. The beginning of the home produced IDF airforce was using French plans when neither the US not Britain would supply them. The french firm Dassault gave Israel the path to a true air superiority plane – the Kfir. It was not until 1968 that the USA allowed Israel to purchase weapons. Bear in mind that during that time the Soviet Union had been supplying their clients with Migs and Sukhois.

I mention this potted history because it occurs to me that non-Jews like me have a very hard time understanding a very, very simple concept. No-one in this world has EVER guaranteed Jewish survival. Ever.


Not even today.


While a leader of a country might be a supporter of Israel – what happens when that government changes? George Bush was a supporter of Israel – Barak Obama demonstrably is not. So how can Israel rely on the USA? Or the United Kingdom which has always had a schizophrenic history when dealing with Israel? Or France where Israelis can see Jews in France being harassed and murdered while the French government is powerless to protect even that small amount of people?


What about some sort of multi-national force? But would the commanders of that force, and the politicians at home, be willing to put their men in harms way when push comes to shove? Will an attack by terrorists that kills three Israelis be justification for a non Jewish force to hunt down the killers, to destroy the terrorist infrastructure, to have their own soldiers get killed? I doubt it. It would be far more likely that the outrage would be looked upon, from a Capital City a thousand or more miles away as a “small thing”.


So here is what I think about this. Israel cannot depend on anyone except Israel. Only Israelis understand truly what is at stake. It is their lives, families, asses that are on the line. They cannot retreat, this is their home. So WHAT are they to do? Negotiate with an organization who has stated that their aim is to eradicate Israel? What the hell good will negotiation do? Seriously? Someone says that their purpose is to eliminate you. How can you negotiate with that person? How can any rational person expect you to negotiate with that person? Nothing they say can be trusted – if everything they do is geared toward killing you, do you let your guard down? Make concessions? Why?


On the day that the likes of the Arab leadership say that their purpose is to create a land of opportunity for all their people, a prosperous land that lives in harmony with its neighbors and where all can live in peace – at that point then maybe negotiations could begin.

People who support Hamas support people bent on genocide. There is no excuse for supporting them, there is no sugar coating it – they have said it publicly.


I support Israel.


And when the administration of Palestine wants peace and prosperity for its people instead of the insane idea of killing people, both its own and the Israelis – I will support them too.