Zouma steps in it.

In Britain yesterday and today, the Sun Newspaper showed a video on its website  of a footballer name Kurt Zouma who plays for Premier League team West Ham United. The video shows an irate Zouma kick and slap one of his pet cats in front of his children.

This morning it looks like the entire country is ready to send Zouma to jail, force him out of professional football  and out of the country  (Zouma is French).

I have some advice for Mr Zouma, for West Ham and even for the RSPCA.

Do not underestimate how pissed off Brits will get about cruelty to animals – especially cats and dogs. The outrage will be unrelenting. Mr Zouma apologized but truly, that is not enough, he has proven that he should not have pets. People who abuse pets do not reform. Mr Zouma should surrender the cats and to pay the expenses to a reputable rescue for adoption to people who will take good care of them. He should be banned from having pets and maybe fined. If he does that he could probably save his 126,000 pound a week job. If he doesn’t, he will probably find himself back in France.

It was a despicable act. Contrition and amends are the way to go.