I can no longer just sit in quiet discomfort

I have always been of the opinion that abortion is a subject between a patient and her GP. I personally find the idea abhorrent but I have always thought that it is like any medical procedure – sometimes it is necessary. I am not judging why it would be found necessary – just that I agree that it should be legal and should be an option that any person can freely discuss with her MD.

That does not mean that I support the slavish zeal of Planned Parenthood whom I consider to be a racist organization. I think the subject of “abortion” has long ago been submerged in the political activism around it.

My first misgiving was reading that Planned Parenthood had appealed a Texas law that stated that people performing the abortion procedure had to have admitting rights to the local hospital – something which is required for all outpatient facilities that perform medical procedures. I still do not understand the opposition to the law. I understand that pro-choice people think that it is being pushed and enacted by pro-life campaigners. But my point is – it may well be true that it is a law being championed by people who are pro-life – but SO WHAT? The idea of the law strikes me as being sound clinics that perform abortions should have to adhere to the standards of out-patient clinics that perform procedures. Period. What is wrong with that?


Gosnell was, or should have been, a clarion call to SUPPORTERS of planned parenthood that they do not supervise their clinics properly – or that there are “gaps” that they need to address.

All of this made me uneasy.

But what just floored me was the public support given by legislators in the State of New York cheering on the idea that babies that SURVIVE the abortion attempt should be allowed to die. They should be put to one side and just left to die.

I cannot get past this. I cannot get past the picture of those people cheering this. I cannot understand how this is not, at the very least, manslaughter or infanticide. It is unforgivable.

One thought on “I can no longer just sit in quiet discomfort

  1. As I understand it, the opposition to the law is not the law itself or that pro-life people are pushing it, but that pro-abortion people believe ANY laws are ONLY being pushed to stop them from performing abortions. They protest any reasonable laws as potential steps toward reversal of Roe v. Wade.

    I too, however, am effectively speechless on the practice of simply allowing infants born alive as a result of failed abortion efforts to lie there unattended and left to die, possibly in pain from injuries suffered during the procedure…. The image is indeed gruesome.

    As for “sitting in quiet discomfort” apart from signing ineffective petitions, honestly it would seem the horse is out of the barn on this and I don’t know what it will take for any sense of morality on this subject to gain purchase. To me it is as uncivilized as fights to the death for sport by gladiators in ancient times.

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