Ocasio-Cortes – the small storm in a very small teacup

With the advent of the Democrats taking control of the US House there have been numerous commentaries, memes, digs at the freshman Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes but at the same time she gets a lot of conservative airplay for her insane drivel which in turn gives her greater play among liberals.

Why is she being given such air-time? Why are so many people determined to show what an idiot or inexperienced tyro, she is?

There is NOTHING about this lady which indicates she is capable of putting together legislation and getting it through – but it does not matter if she does, the legislation would not even be taken up by the Senate. So why are so many people wasting so much time on her?

All the hysteria is doing is increasing her name recognition. It is making her seem “important” than she is and giving the Democrats a photogenic person who can be promoted to the Liberal faithful (who, we should remember, don’t actually study or care about policies but care about being seen to vote for the right “identity”).

This is a waste of space and of effort on behalf of conservatives. We are not going to defeat AOC in her district so why are we fighting this instead of coming up with creative ways to win back the seats that were Republican and now are not?