Privilege and collective “guilt”

Collective guilt is a wonderful gift and tool for – collectivists. It is why they LOVE to use it.

The best one they have come up with is “White privilege”. Seriously, this is their best effort. You can hear it trumpeted by the likes of Kamala Harris – an American citizen with PhD parents with great jobs and who went to school (up through high school) for most of her life in Quebec, Canada. Hardly the resume of a downtrodden mixed race child.


We can compare her to perhaps the children of miners in Kentucky and West Virginia who, for the most part, are white. And who attended local schools in their districts where their parents lived and went to work. Perhaps we could examine the privilege of J.D. Vance who wrote Hillbilly Elegy and who did actually attend college (presumably getting there thanks to his whiteness and all)? There are a LOT of “under privileged” people in the world and they run the gamut of skin color from black through yellow and brown along to pasty white. All of us – and I include myself – were children of parents where our birth gave us no significant leg up or position of power or influence.


Tucker Carlson just recently exposed the “politician privilege” that accrues to the children of political leaders when it comes to access to the nations top schools. The “Ivy League” schools seem to find un-noticed rich deposits of intelligence in the offspring of the political elite. Most people have to have unbelievably high scores on the SAT and groveling essays of why they should go to Yale, Harvard, Brown or Cornell etc. They have to submit all their extra curricular activities and advanced placements and volunteer work – and they may, just may, get in. But , on the other hand if you are the daughter of Hillary and Bill Clinton none of that appears to matter. Or, if your dad is Governor of the State of New York then, no matter your inarticulateness you are a shoo in.


It’s not that Chelsea or Chris or Al Gore’s 4 kids are bad people – I am not saying that they are. But they do not seem to measure up to the candidates who are scrambling for those few placements that are supposed to show how the Ivy League is some sort of super-meritocracy. Chris Cuomo for example looks like he might have excelled in a a small metro college in New York.

Where are the cries from the other politicians about this obvious “privilege”? Bupkis.

IN the meantime – children of “privilege” such as Kamala Harris get to lecture people who really did have to come up the hard way – about THEIR privilege.

Hubris. Total hubris.

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