The Idiocracy is upon us 487 years early!

The 2005 film, Idiocracy, was a wild fanciful science fiction comedy. Amazingly enough in 13 short years the Democrat Party has brought it to fruition!!

In New York, the much feared Democratic Party machine “fell asleep at the wheel” and watched one of the party leadership get aced out of the nomination by 28 year old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Now Ms Ocasio-Cortez makes much of the fact that she has working class cred, was brought up in NYC, is a woman of color and all this teaching her the wisdom of the Socialist ways.

Of course the actual truth is a little more nuanced. She is Hispanic which, alas, is not a race but merely an “ethnicity” (a construct only known to civil service bureaucrats and activists) . She is a woman so that part of the biography is true. her working class cred obviously needs burnishing – she was the daughter of an architect, brought up in the Bronx until the age of 5 and then moved out of NYC to Westchester County to a nice house and upbringing. She makes much of the fact that her father passed in 2008 when she was 19 and that her mother had to clean toilets and drive a bus and that she worked as a bartender waitress to help her mother. Alas, according to her bio she was at Boston University until 2011  where she graduated with a degree in economics and International relations.

There is no record that I found of her student loans. So far. She did say in an interview in Eite Magazine that she does have student loans. That same article also said ” But after her father passed away at the height of the financial crisis in 2008, she had to take on additional jobs waitressing and bartending to help the family make ends meet. ”

Of course the only problem with that timeline is that in 2008 Ocasio-Cortez was living in Boston and attending Boston university where she was getting student loans and working on some work/ study programs to help pay for her tuition (approximate $36,000 pa).

In 2011 she started a Book Publishing company for which she is lauded for being an “entrepreneur” but I cannot find a single book published, the start up never seemed to start up and is now defunct and then apparently she took up bartending. By 2016 she was an organizer for the Bernie campaign.

Since starting her campaign Ocasio-Cortez has made some glaring howlers in her assertions – she apparently does not understand basic economic statistics regarding unemployment rates despite her degree in Economics. She has also proposed big programs with absolutely no idea how they would ever be implemented or paid for.

But the fact that she could cobble together some sort of “narrative” that the main stream media could happily push without actually doing any kind of an investigation seems to have been enough to get her elected.

From the “woman of color’ motif we can move to the faux Hispanic creds of the Democrat Candidate for Senator in Texas. Robert O’Rourke . Anointing himself as “Beto” O’Rourke and parlaying a folksy turn or two on a skateboard he gave forth with a youth vibe – at age 46, one year younger than the incumbent, Ted Cruz.  Of course the irony of the O’Rourke campaign seemed to be lost on the main stream media. He was running against a genuine Hispanic American and pretending to have some sort of “hispanic” vibe himself.

And here is the astonishing point – the money poured in from out of state! Ultimately Bob O’Rourke raised $72 million, twice as much as the incumbent. A fair amount of it being shoveled his way by east and west coast celebs. Hollywood seemed enamored of the Young Upstart, they even started touting him as “Presidential” and they sent loads of money.

Fortunately for Texas “Beto” was not able to close the deal after spending the huge warchest and refusing to share the good fortune with less fortunate candidates (confusing to see democrat Socialism in full greed mode but hey – did the main stream media investigate? Not so’s anyone would notice!) he was still sending out begging texts to the faithful on the day of the election asking for more money to “get out the vote”.

So O’Rourke bombed. but did the Dem elites in LA and NY  rethink their enthusiasm? Nooooo. Now it is on to “Beto should run for President in 2020”.

In Minnesota Ilhan Omar became one of two Muslim women elected to the House of Representatives, She had been questioned  in public about the BDS movement  ( The Boycott, Divest and sanctions campaign being run by anti-semitic bigots against the State of Israel) and before her election it was reported  ” Omar said that BDS was “not helpful in getting that two-state solution” . After her election her office reported ““Ilhan believes in and supports the BDS movement, and has fought to make sure people’s right to support it isn’t criminalized. ”

Her district has a fairly large Jewish population who apparently have helped ensure the election of someone who hates them.

Three great examples – the Idiocracy is the coming wave in Dem electoral politics.

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