Three Little Seals are we

I have been watching the various performances of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez since she succeeded in getting elected to the US House of Representatives last year. She is the youngest woman ever to have been elected to Congress, she is 29 years old, has a degree from Boston University with a degree in International Relations and Economics. Her victory in the primary for the Democrat Party “owned” seat was well executed and upset an established Democrat apparatchik named Joe Crowley – a 10 term incumbent. That was the real victory given that incumbents running in House races have a winning percentage at around 95% for re-election. Once selected Ms Ocasio-Cortez was a shoo in.

How did she do it? How did she move from being a bartender to the candidate for a congressional seat with no prior ramp up in local politics? Normally people take on local races – school board, library board, city council and so on. This enables them to build a network, put together a team of trusted people find out who can be trusted to help in further campaigns. It’s a way to gain credibility and also, by contributing to someone else, a way to obligate them to support you.

So how did a n00b with no experience in political vote getting or office seeking suddenly turn up in the Bronx and unseat a 10 term incumbent?

Well the story is suitably vague if one listens to Miss Ocasio-Cortez she and a few friends got together, put a campaign in gear and went around talking to people. Though that is the idyllic view we have of politics it is not how it works.

What happened was that a hardcore leftist organization named Justice Democrats came up with a strategy to start forcing the Democrat Party further left. Justice Democrats (you have to marvel at the bombastic name which carefully avoids the real aim – Injustice Socialist) did a very good job for their first run. They picked 26 candidates for various seats and won 6. You may recognize a couple of the names – along with Ms Cortex Ms Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar are the three best known ones.

All these candidates were picked by the organization (PAC)Justice Democrats.

Knowing just that helps explain why these three are always “supporting” each other. Ms Tlaib gets attacked for her anti semitic utterances and Ms Ocasio-Cortez is right there deflecting the attacks. The Democrat Party starts a motion to admonish Ms Talib for her antisemitism and thanks to the lobbying of the hard left it is watered down to the point of being meaningless.

Ms Ocasio Cortez appears to have the role of emoting and getting attention for positions that Justice Democrats wish to use to garner support for their “brand”.

Take the Green New Deal – something that sprung half baked from a couple of meetings with the highly emotional “we only have 12 years”. Delivered with big eyes and emotion it garnered a lot of press. It provided a whole bunch of press – it played into an already fertile field of waffle and the hard left got to test drive a few talking points to find which worked and which did not have legs.

Then came the next item – the flood of illegal immigrants hitting the USA attempting to overwhelm our borders. The funding for the “caravans” has been traced to various activist organizations and now we find Ms Ocasio-Cortez taking photos of herself beong emotional outside parking lots, getting emotional with the Border Patrol and emotionally sling around accusations. Note the over use of the descriptive “emotion”.

Ms Ocasio-Cortez actually voted against a bill to give funding to help out with the crisis at the border. As did her buddies Ms Omar and Ms Tlaib.

So we have this new congresswoman with no experience using her good looks and shrill voice to drum up press – but advancing no solutions and not supporting legislation to help address the issues she is complaining about.

She did not come into congress with a fully formed idea of what she wanted or believed in.

It looks to me that Ms Ocasio-Cortez gets her performance orders from the Justice Democrat leadership (a couple of whom are on her “staff”) and like a true performing seal she is pushed out on the stage to make a stir, attract attention and provide information and feedback to the real brains who put her there in the first place. She does not advance policy she does not work on finding solutions – he job is Agit-Prop.

The theater of the absurd has descended upon Washington DC

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