Ruling the “conversation”

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes is the latest flibbertigibbet to adorn the national political stage. She did something remarkable which was to oust a hardcore Democrat partisan in a primary election for a Congressional House Seat in the Bronx in New York.

It was a smart piece of work, excellently executed and it was nice to see a dagger to the heart of the entrenched Pelosi crowd.

Winning the general election was a walk in the park because, in the district, a porcupine who ran with a D after it’s name would win.

Like all newbies Ms Ocasio-Cortes is full of wanting to appear impressive. Nothing wrong with that, it’s what young people do.

But the conservative reaction to her has been, truthfully, ludicrous. While it seems a slam dunk to make fun of someone who has pulled some real howlers and who, on a regular basis says things which are, truthfully, hyperbole and vague hogwash, it is actually futile.

Wait a moment! What is wrong with making fun of someone who is all puffed up and idiotic at the same time? She’s a natural target – right?

Well yes, I guess that’s true. But one HUGE thing is being missed. Every time we blow up what she says we are making the conversation about her ideas. People will remember what was being talked about and it won’t be conservative things. It will leftist claptrap.

But surely people will see… ? Well, no they will not. Ocasio-Cortes with all her juvenile bluster and balderdash won her election. People voted for her because she was a “D”. Keep making her the focus of attention and the likelihood is that more people will turn out to vote for her.

The GOP are never going to be able to get her voted out of her district no matter how many memes they produce. The only thing that will get rid of her is a Dem hatchet person with good backing in the district.

For anyone who really wants to dispute my assertion I refer you to the 2016 Presidential Election. Whose talking points were being talked about and discussed, attacked and ridiculed?

DJT. And he won.

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