Speech, free or not?

The USA is one of the few countries in the world where Freedom of Speech is a part of the very structure of the country and is enshrined in its founding documents.

But as many have pointed out, the First Amendment is a stricture laid upon the GOVERNMENT. The government may not prohibit speech that it does not like, thinks is inimical , is abusive of the government. Government agents may not prevent any citizen from speaking or uttering in any fashion.

But that does not extend to private companies or individuals from doing so. For example a private company can forbid an employee from commenting on anything to do with the company to anyone inside or outside of the company itself – this does not deny or transgress the First Amendment. In someone’s home they can tell a visitor that they may not use foul language and to show them the door if they do not obey. Again the home owner is not bound by the First Amendment.

The Government cannot, also, compel our speech. I do not have to express an agreement with the government against my will.

So where do free and compelled speech by Government entities impinge the most?

State funded Colleges. Colleges like University of Colorado and Colorado State may not restrict free speech and may not compel speech. Yet around the USA there are colleges, funded by the State that attempt to enforce speech codes, attempt to strongarm people into using someone’s preferred “pronoun”. It is not the purview of the government to be regulating and enforcing speech.

Yet it still does.