Utinam populus Romanus sed unam cervicem haberet!

Translation “Would that the Roman people had but one neck!” attributed to Caligula – Emperor of Rome 37-41 AD.

Caligula’s rule as Emperor is littered with reports of cruelty, insanity, torture, wanton killing, a long list of possibly debatable stories. The quote is his expression of his desire to be able to rid Rome of it’s people by hewing through one neck.

Where can we see this being expressed in our modern times?

The insane drive by the British Government to move everyone in the country from using natural gas for heating and for cooking, the drive to move everything to one energy supply – electricity. This is being done to achieve their “climate goal” of Net Zero – no carbon emissions.

To do this the UK has built 10,793 Wind Turbines with a stated capacity of  24.2 GW. Capacity is a word that means “what this generator could produce in ideal conditions”. Then there is what it actually produces over time as wind conditions vary and the less wind there is the power produced is dramatically reduced. Wind turbines deliver between 15 to 30 % of their capacity. Now there are reports from the UK Wind Industry that the offshore wind capacity factor has approached 40% .

Solar has an installed capacity of 13.5 GW and a capacity factor of around 10%.

These two renewable sources are unreliable. Not enough sunshine and Solar is reduced, not enough wind and Wind is reduced. At night there is no solar of course. The only way to keep the grid stable is by using electric power generators, nuclear, gas and “bio mass”. These non renewables have to be up and running all the time in order to make up the shortfalls in solar and wind.

There is no solution yet in sight for this. There is talk that battery storage will enable the grid to achieve stability but the cost is astronomical and still there is no idea when such batteries could even begin to be deployed that could supply power to the grid for an extended time.

The demands on this shaky grid arrangement are, by government decree in the UK about to skyrocket. The UK wants to only have electrical vehicles (cars, buses, trucks – everything) all of which will need vast amounts of electrical power to be charged from the grid. Plus the Government has also decreed that all appliances must be electric and so must all heating.

Finally – energy use in the UK will skyrocket in the coming two to three decades. Why? Immigration. The population of the UK in 1970 was 55,650,166 by 2022 it had risen to 67,508,936 an increase of 21.3%.  How is this vastly increased electrical demand to be met?


What the UK has, in abundance, is shale gas, coal, and sometimes wind. What it does not have in abundance is sunshine.


The UK Government under the leadership of Quasi-conservatives has committed the country to one over-arching energy goal. To have no carbon emissions of any kind by 2035 , a plan referred to as Net Zero.

Currently there is one reliable and scalable Net Zero source of electrical grid supply – and that is Nuclear power. And , of course the UK Government has gone full bore on shutting down it’s Nuclear Program. Insane? Well, yes, of course it is. But wait! It gets worse.

So that leaves Britain with three sources of “no emissions ” power production. Solar, Wind and Wood.

Wood? Wait – wood? Yes, wood. The Drax power station in the UK which is set up to provide 2.6 GW of electricity from “bio-mass”. Bio-Mass is basically minced wood chips produced from wholesale cutting of forests in Louisiana. By some tortuous mental logistics this has been deemed a “renewable energy source” by the International Institute of Insane Climate Science because when wood burns it gives off CO2 BUT the trees of the world absorb CO2 as they grow therefore there is no net gain of CO2. But what it carefully avoids is the 20 year extra build up of CO2…